Easy fresh herb salmon love in the oven

Baked salmon dinner

Oh the delight of an occasional perfectly cooked filet of salmon topped with your favorite fresh flavors.

I’ve been sneaking in some fresh salmon lately to feed my cravings.  But, since no one else in this veggie household will touch the (delicious) stuff, I’m way out of practice on cooking anything fish related.

That’s why this slow baked salmon recipe from The Kitchn is so beyond perfect.  It gives you the flakiest, most flavorful cook possible with ingredients straight from your garden and it’s a breeze.Baked salmon with fresh herbs

It all starts with super ingredients and thoughtful seasoning – good olive oil, organic or homegrown herbs and really fillets are what makes the meal.

Spinach, artichoke hearts and red peppers

And pay attention to your sides too.  Use what’s in season and/or what’s in your pantry and garden.

Roasted squash

Sometimes the memory of a good restaurant dish is what drives me to combine flavors sans recipe – and I love how consistently wonderful the act of roasting veggies with a good EVO is to any meal.

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