Monthly vegetarian cooking with ‘Once a Month Mom’

Monthly cooking food prep

I over complicate my food resolutions.  In the last year, in no particular order, I have tried to:

  • Cut out processed foods, increase whole foods
  • Eat out at restaurants less
  • Spend less money on groceries
  • Eat little (to no) dairy products
  • Eat little (to no) gluten
  • Eat local
  • Eat seasonal
  • Lose weight
  • Make tastier food


But at some point, I realized that I really need to tackle the availability of home cooked, healthier meals on its own – hoping that the rest will follow.

 Once a month freezer cooking is where it’s at

That where ‘Once a Month Mom’, a handy subscription-based monthly menu / shopping list / how-to cooking site, comes in.  It keeps your morning and week night cooking waaaay down by doing the majority of your food work for the month in a single day.

Your freezer will never have been so full, but the idea is that you’ll limit grocery store runs and pizzeria calls  in lieu of pretty much ready for you meals that are yummy.

It’s not a new concept of course, my own mom used to rock the once a month cooking (using this classic book) back in the day, but I love the geeky side of Once a Month Mom.  You plan through easily editable Google Docs, eyeball recipes sourced from around the food blogosphere and share your culinary triumphs on Pinterest.

Even better still, there are a variety of freezer cooking menu plans to choose from:

So far, the recipe quality is high (they have food bloggers test the recipes before sharing to the community, which is good) and I love that I can go back through past months if I’m not a fan of certain meal options.
The cost is $8/ month for something you can technically do for yourself for free (that is, search through cookbooks and online for recipes, create a giant shopping list and a prep / cook plan for your kitchen party day) – but if you are like me, the hand holding is totally worth it at less than the price of a weekday lunch out.

Have you experimented with bulk cooking for your family?  What are your vegetarian freezer cooking tips and tricks?


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