Houston Pizza love and ‘Artisan Pizza in 5 Minutes a Day’

hungrykatie bakes pizza

Can we all just agree that freshly baking bread is the best smell to come home to?  Okay, pizza AND fresh chocolate chip cookies.

Our house is full of pizza fanatics – a gluten-y habit that gets quite pricey when you choose to frequent the gourmet pizza shops in town.  If you’re ever in Houston, our go-to pizza joints are:

  • Bombay Pizza – an Indian pizza restaurant, you’ve never eaten anything like it
  • Pink’s Pizza – perfect for a GIANT quick slice or a fancy
  • Star Pizza – great whole wheat crust and a vegetable pizza that means serious business
  • Dolce Vita – a quirky restaurant in an old house with great veggie apps too
  • Piola – a fantastic happy hour and dinner spot with amazing gnocchi to boot

Pizza in 5 Minutes

To squash the extra spending and to master our own pizza creations, I bought Adam a nifty cookbook (and pizza stone and pizza peel) called:  Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day.

The idea of the book (see their site here) is that bread and pizza making should be fast and easy.  Basically, you prep a batch of dough to keep in your fridge and whenever you’re ready to bake something amazing you grab it, roll it and bake it.  Voila!  Cheap, easy, fast and satisfying.

We’ve most frequently made the ‘master recipe’ and olive oil variation – a batch makes about 7-8 pizzas (and way more bread sticks if you’re going that route).  The American Style pizza and dough Cornmeal Olive Oil dough are worth trying too.

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